AOS: Hamish


AOS - Hamish

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After awakening on a surgical table to discover five years had been stolen from him, Hamish Lockhart returns to the Royal Navy. With a new cybernetic body and host of upgrades implanted by his captors, settling into his old life isn’t easy — former friends are now strangers and Hamish fears he’s been compromised by the enemy. When his commanding officer and the Empress herself assign him to investigate his own abduction, he’s paired with former acquaintance and equally skilled agent Nisrine Shahid Amir.

As far as psionic ability goes, Nisrine’s powers are virtually unmatched, a complement to Hamish’s cyborg talents. Between her galaxy wide contacts and his unparalleled hacking skills, they have the means to complete their mission until betrayal strikes. With corruption spreading through the United Empire, Hamish and Nisrine will have no choice but to flee across the stars in a journey to bring their enemies to justice and save the people they love.


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