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Welcome, readers, to our brand new website! We are truly grateful you’ve taken a moment to spend with us and learn about our books.

Together, we have been writing for the past few years but have only been published since the New Year of 2014. We released our debut novel, The Regent’s Gamble, New Years Eve 2013. Fitting, since the opening prologue put our hero Addison at Times Square in New York City on the very same holiday.

So who are we?

Alisha Payne loves to read and has always had a fondness for creative writing. She started with poetry and moved up to short stories, before eventually writing novels with her friend Nicole. She enjoys a whole range of genres and authors from Tolkien to James Rollins, and blames her love for reading on her mother, who introduced her to the worlds of Pern and Xanth at an early age. Alisha is a former Petty Officer of the United States Navy, which is where she met her wonderful husband. They have two children and now call Virginia their home.

Nicole Taylor enjoys writing as an outlet for her creativity. She is a video gamer by nature and enjoys watching movies and reading novels by Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, Scott Lynch, Tolkien and Michael Crichton among others. If it’s good, she’ll read it whether it’s suspense, thriller, fantasy, horror, or illustrated storytelling. She also enjoys the outdoors, jogging with her dog, riding horses, and going to renaissance fairs. Nick is currently working as a nurse and is the mother of two beautiful children ages eight and ten.



  1. Erica

    I have read the loved by dragon set omg I love it and I just bought and read The right to bear arms OMG I LOVE IT!!! I have fallen in love with your writing style god I want a Russ of my own lol! I will be buying Let us Prey next hopefully you have gotten a fan with me forever!


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